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Hey, I'm Braden. 

I live and work from my home in Utah Valley. 

I'm a single dad to a beautiful three-year-old boy. 

I'm an observer of life and enjoy studying patterns in human behavior. 

I earned a 4-year degree in communications at Brigham Young University, where I also wrote for the school paper. 

I gained my first professional experience disrupting the online career services industry at a Boston-based startup called uConnect. 

After graduation I remained in technology but gravitated into a sales role for (now XANT). 

I work as a small business payments consultant at Visa

I'm an exercise and fitness enthusiast & marathon runner. I'm currently training towards my first amateur bodybuilding competition. 

Though I belong to the #pcmasterrace, I've owned nearly every Nintendo, PlayStation and XBOX console ever made (starting with the SNES!) and enjoy watching high-level gaming almost as much playing. 

You can also find me on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn