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Hey, I'm Braden. 

I live and work from my home in Utah. 

I'm a father to a beautiful five-year-old boy. I'm engaged to be married to my life-long sweetheart on July 30th, 2022. 

I earned a 4-year degree in communications at Brigham Young University, where I also wrote for the school paper. 

I gained my first professional experience disrupting the online career services space at a Boston-based startup called uConnect. 

After graduation I remained in B2B tech but gravitated into sales for InsideSales.com

I spent the past three years as a small business payments consultant at Visa

I recently began leading the sales development strategy for Visa as its first-ever SDR leader in North America.

I'm an exercise and fitness enthusiast and marathon runner. I'm currently training towards my first amateur bodybuilding competition. I'm continuously improving my physical health and emotional stability by meticulously monitoring my sleep quality. 

I've owned nearly every Nintendo, PlayStation and XBOX console ever made (starting with the SNES!) and enjoy watching high-level competitive gaming almost as much playing. 

You can find me on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn